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Characters inspired from Hindu mythology in Baahubali 1 & 2


Characters inspired from mythology in Baahubali1 & 2 movies 

Epic movie Baahubali / Bahubali has created a  sensation across India and the globe. Baahubali 2 has even made its presence felt in US where it has surpassed the earnings of Tom Hanks and Emma Watson’s high-tech thriller The Circle & Vin Diesel’s Fate of the Furious. Movie has two parts Baahubali: The Beginning & Baahubali 2: The Conclusion.

Baahubali: The Beginning (bāhubalī): (Meaning -The One with the Strong Arms) is a 2015 Indian epic historical fiction film directed by S. S. Rajamouli.

Baahubali 2: The Conclusion : is a 2017 film co-written and directed by S. S. Rajamouli.  Film was scheduled to release on 2016 but got delayed.


The characters of Baahubali have left a deep impression on the audience  and they  cannot help but try to compare the mythological characters, these have been inspired from.  Some of the main characters draw a very strong resemblance to the the Indian mythology as on various instances and the role play of  characters. Some term it as most inspired movies based on Hindu mythology in recent past.

Baahubali Movie story itself seems to have been greatly inspired on the lines of Mahabharat from Indian mythology. In Baahulali the feud of throne is between the two cousins who compete for the throne of  Mahishmati Kingdom .  In Mahabharat the Hastinapur Kingdom throne was denied to Duryodhana’s father Dhritarashtra as he was blind by birth. Similarly the Bhalladeva’s father was denied from throne seemingly because of his partial disability. His brother was made King and after his death his son Amarednra Bahubali emerges as a strong contender as an heir to the throne..

1. Bijjaldev (Bhalladev’s Father)

He shows strong resembles to the Dhritarashtra of Mahabarat. Like Dhritarashtra he was willing to go any extent to see his son as the reigning King.  His character is full of deceit, treachery and spite. In fact  He seems to be a mix of Dhritarashtra and Shakuni combined.  Madly in love with his son;s success and devious and evil in extreme to meet his ends. He personifies  the human weakness of Dhritarashtra and Shakuni both. A deadly mixture.

2. Bhallaldev

He is very much the epitome of a bad ass villain who is keen to use all means to get the Kingdom and get his enemies destroyed. He is  a shade better than Duryodhana and not only he is strong  and a skillful warrior , he is also clever and cunning to get strong enemy like Amarednra Baahubali  out of his way without a direct fight. He wield Mace as his weapon , another reminder of Duryodhana who was par excellence mace warrior. Bhallaldev’s brains and his strategy puts him a level above Duryodhana. Like Ravana he is know showed his political acumen to usurp the throne and build the Kingdom. Ravan usurped the Kingdom of Lanka from his half brother Kubera and took away his prize posssession Pushpak Vimana.

Bhallaldev’s chariot (Its feels amusing to know that it ran on Royal Enfield engine actually) is unique and never seen on silver screen before in Indian cinema . It may not fly but doesn’t fail to leave the unforgettable effect on viewers. .  Bhallaldev’s is egoistic and raises a Gold statute of himself, to impose his greatness. Ravana also needed  Golden Lanka to satisfy his ego. His treatment o Devasena also seemed more like Ravana. Unlike Duryodhana who made lewd gestures to Draupadi  he didn’t try to make obscene gestures to Devasena but confined her in open to bear the ferocity of seasons and time , like Sita was kept in Ashok Vatika in open. Bhallaldev seems to be an apt mix of Duryodhana and Ravan combined, mace wielding, cunning and machiavellian cocky prince who could go to any extreme to meet his goals.

3. Katappa

He seems to to be more akin the role of Pitamah Bheeshm of Mahabharata . Although he is not as respected by the royal family as Bheeshm Pitamah  was, simply because of the fact that he didn’t belong to royal family and was servant .By no means he had the stature  & respect of Bheeshm in Mahabharat but Katappa’s loyalty to the  throne of Mahishmati was legendary and was similar as Pitamah Bheesm had for Hastinapur Kingdom.

Like Bheesm he sympathies with the good and righteous character of Amarednra Baahubali and showers all the affection on him. When Katappa killed Bāhubalī beacuse of royal orders from Shiavagaami ,  he seemed more similar to Bheeshm who in spite of his love to Pandavas was forced to fight against them in war.

Like Bheeshm was to Hastinapur, Katappa was the pillar of Mahsihmati Kingdom and was central to the idea of Mahishmati Kingdom itself.On any instances he seems helpless and unable to defend  the Amarendra Baahubali and the righteous because of his loyalty to the Kingdom and not to the righteousness. He carried the respect of and fatherly figure with Devasena and Amarendra Bahubali.

4. Shivagami

Sivagami also reminds one of the legendary queens and mother-figures of Indian history — Jijabai (Maratha leader Shivaji’s mother) and Ahalyabai Holkar (the famous queen of Malawa who fought against powerful Mughal army then) — in her martial commandeering and establishing a period of prosperity and stability in Mahishmati respectively.

We are prompted to see the Satyavati of Mahabharat in Shivagaami as she was also pivotal in deciding the King to the throne of Hastinapur and even went to an extent to get and heir to the throne from her other illegitimate son from her widowed daughter in laws.However the major difference between Satyavati & Shivagami is the later’s willingness to  let the throne be given to not her son but to the most virtuous  and worthy, Amarendra who was not her direct progeny.

5. Devasena

She fell in love with Amarendra Baahubali on hunting expedition, outside the boundaries of her palace. Like Sita mata Met Shri ram in flower garden before Swayamvar. Devsena was  a brave gill . Sita was considered powerful too as the story goes that Sitaji moved the Lord Shiva’s bow  to clean it in King Janak’s palace. While it was extremely heavy and in her Swayavabr itself no King could move it leave apart lifting,it except Shri Rama.This incidence was the reason which prompted King Janak to organise Svayamvar with the condition that anyone worthy of Sita would have to lift Lord Shiva’s bow.  Shri Rama won her heart in Swayambar after completing a seemingly impossible task of lifting Lord Shiv’a bow, while in Bāhubalī , Amarendra won Devsena after winning the war with Pindaries and thus saving Devsena father’s kingdom of Kuntal Desh.

Devasena , like Sita Mata she was kept in captivity for years but still kept her dignity and fire if revenge alive and finally emerged victorious out of her long ordeal.

However the sharp tongue of Devasena is nothing short of Darupadi’s  She wasn’t meek and polite like Sita towards her mother in law Shivagaami , rather she spoke frankly and at times piercingly to worsen the situation . It was the bay shower function when she openly  told Amarednra Baahubali to become King, which Shivagaami took to her heart ad used this against while giving the judgement of their  eviction from Mahishmati.

6. Amarendra Bāhubalī

Amarendra Baahubali was  a great and highly skilled warrior and good to the core. In fact he was too good even to a degree of fault. Like Rama he was skilled warrior but the revered the word of her foster mother Shivagaami . Shri Rama revered the word of His father and left the entire Kingdom even went on exile for to keep his words. Baahubali and his wife Devasena were deprived of their royal status later on and were eeventually expelled from their own Kingdom. Baahubali was somewhere falling in between Arjuna and Ram. Skilled and warrior but his Achilles feet was his allegiance to the Shivagaami’s words.

Baahubali’s stay at Devasena’s kingdom in disguise to teach her archery reminds us of Arjuna’s stay at princess Uthara’s kingdom disguised as an eunuch (Brihannala). Just like Arjuna protects Uthara’s kingdom, Baahubali shields Devasena kingdom from invading army of savage Pindari bandits.

7. Mahendra Bāhubalī (Shivudu/ Shiva)

He was more like medieval princes who fought for his lost Kingdom and had traces of  Eklavya and Karna of Mahaabrata. Mahendra(Shiva/Shivudu)  was son of mighty and highly regarded Amarendra Baahubali, like Karna was the son of Lord Sun itself.He learned all warfare skills by himself like Eklavya and He was treated like ordinary peasant till everyone discovered that he was the prince. Cannot draw the similarity from any other mythological character though. He is more of the medieval warrior prince who fought and regained his Kingdom. He has the traits of  Eklavya and Karna- a bit of both of them in him.

Looking at the great response and a worldwide success the Bāhubalī movie has received , it can be easily concluded that Indian mythology  still continues to amaze even in 21st century. Mahendra Bahubali  succeeded &  became the King of Mahishmati -The righteous  owner of the position & popular leader of the masses.

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  1. Bahubali was a great movie. First time a South Indian movie found a strong fan base across India and also created stir in other countries too.

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