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First Ever Exmuslim Billboards Appear In The USA!


Religious freedom is the birthright of every human being. Whether to follow any religion or not should be one individual choice and should be determined by him only. However, in today’s world, the persecution in the name of religion is still going on unabated. No matter how much we have progressed in our modern civilized world. Religious apostasy is still a taboo. There are religions that not only forbid you from apostasy but also pose a life threat to those who leave them.

Among others, Islam prohibits apostasy completely and is rather harsh on apostates. Person if he is born in Islam is not allowed to leave it in his lifetime. However, as a person grows he develops his own set of ideas and perceptions about the world and culture surrounding him. The perceptions and opinions of a person may vary over his lifetime. It is quite possible that he may not have the same religious or social views once he grows older. He/She should be allowed to embrace or leave any religion by choice and not by force.

Theoretically, people are free to choose their religion in most of the democratic country. However, in reality, very few can actually muster the courage and do what they actually want. Leaving any religion is not an easy thing to do, especially for those who leave Islam. They may face the threats on their lives by extremists and might have fatwas issued against them.

In US, a group of Ex-Muslims has advertised a billboard for the first time to corroborate their support for those who leave Islam. It is for the first time that someone has taken a step publically to show their solidarity for those who either have left Islam or want to leave Islam. There is nothing wrong with leaving any religion or being an atheist and it should be given a warm welcome by free thinkers.

This Billboard is appearing in Chicago, Huston and Atlanta. People are giving rave reactions on this news,


Rampart : Ex-muslims need legal protections and community support. It’s amazing how the ‘tolerant’ Left will betray and vilify ex-muslims whenever they pop up and share their experiences with abuse.

This billboard is seen as the first step of overcoming the fear of Islam . It takes great courage to be a Ex- Muslim and since they have strong minds and liberal thinking they have the potential to change the perception of many others who are still suffering from religious extremism. #AwesomeWithoutAllah Billboard Campaign

Farah Tweedie: Congratulations.. I hope the same happens in other countries too. Especially India and Pakistan. We need it urgently. I was on the verge of having a fatwa on my head. Despite everything, better sense prevailed my father… but the damage is done. I haven’t recovered completely. The after effects lingers. The isolation, the mental abuse, the loneliness, the character assassination, the fear of leaving the house…..I almost became a schizophrenic from a healthy, happy person to this idiotic fool…I thought it was my fault. That something had gone wrong with me. But after extensive research and digging I got to know, it wasn’t my fault and that I was healthy in mind. Now I do a bit of mediation and yoga to keep me balanced… You are doing a great job. It time consuming and hard work. I wish I could meet a few exs. Never met one. I thought before I was the only one. I live around hardline muslims.

Some suggest that Ex Muslims should come together and start a community. Coming together is the ‘Beginning’ staying together is ‘Progress’ and working together is ‘Success’. They should aim at developing a platform for free-thinking human society.

Ali Jazani
Atheism is skyrocketing amongst the new generations in IRAN and I guess it’s almost the same in other Islamic countries as people starting to see how they are being used for the financial gain of few so called religious groups in charge of other’s lives . Islam is an international business scheme started by Saudis to rule over others and gain endless profit from it . Now other leaders in other Islamic countries using the same techniques to exploit others and rub them of their rights and money.

Normalizing Ex-Muslims will make becoming one easier and will make people realize that you can have doubts about the religion too and do not have to accept everything blindfolded.

Tommy Gunn I recognize the black guy in the billboard, he’s the Somali gay man who escaped from Kenya. As someone who’s of Somali descent, I can tell you one thing many Somali parents do is called ”Dhaqan celis”. It means that they are sent to Somalia for reprogramming, in case they leave their religion or become too Westernised. In this case, I can imagine some Somali parents in Canada or USA seeing this billboard and deciding to move their kids away to Africa for this very reason. Nonetheless, being this open is a good thing, and can only get better from here.

Someone prudently points out that :

Ex-muslims need legal protections and community support. It’s amazing how the ‘tolerant’ Left will betray and vilify ex-muslims whenever they pop up and share their experiences with abuse.

Earlier thay planned a Billboard with a Flying horse referring and incident in Kuran. However, they chucked the ‘Flying Horse” billboard believing that it will be seen as a too drastic message.

A reader has the following perspective about this event:

I can imagine in the future maybe 150 years later this will be in the books about Muslims who left Islam and I am very sure that we will see atheistic books in Iran and Saudi Arabia maybe not 150 years later but maybe later in the future.

A big step for exmuslims today, as the first ever billboards appear in select locations in the U.S.

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