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Jaby Koay- The Famous Youtuber


Watching a movie trailer alone on net? Wouldn’t it be more fun if you can find someone who is also watching the same thing and expressing his reactions/comments on the videos itself. Well comment in writing is another thing you cant see the emotions on people face while they are writing and this is one advantage you have in reaction videos. Where you can see what are other people are views on the movie you are planning to watch or the web series.

Jaby is is one of the most popular movie trailer reactor to India related Movies and web series. Jaby has got immense interest in Indian movies and feels genuinely excited about the content he reacts. He also reacts to Hollywood movie trailers and ha got a huge fan following of over 2 million subscribers on YouTube. Jaby most of the time invites guest on his reactions. Achara Kirk, Hope Jaymes, Akira, Syntel , Akasan amd many others are his co -reactors in many of his reaction videos. Usually Jaby only reacts to most requested movie trailers and web series only. Recently I watched one of the most popular webs series recently TVF Permanent Roommates. Jaby and his friends Achara and Hope Jaymes seemed quite fond of this series. Jaby was effusive about his appreciation of the series while Hope Jaymes was more critical of them all. All three of the reacted very well on the all the episodes and even went on to watch the full episode at times.

Jaby being half Italian and and Japanese decent , Achara is Thai beauty goddess, and Hope Jaymes has got an affable personality and all together they make a great team. Being American a, all of them it is their opportunity to understand the Indian culture characters in details though the you tube videos. They are honest on their comments and put in a lot of effort to make it entertaining for us to watch.

Yo can watch their videos here.


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