Ashwin Shukl Ekadashi-Papankusha Ekadashi (पापांकुशा एकादशी)

Ashwin Shukl Ekadashi-Papankusha Ekadashi (पापांकुशा  एकादशी)

Date in 2017 – 1 October 2017, Day- Sunday

Nakshatra-  Shravan

Chandra- Makar(Capricorn)

Yudhishthir said to Lord Shri Krishna,” O Lord, If some person commits some mistake then what should he do? Is there any easy method which can help the person in such situation?

Lord Shri Krishna answered,” O Yudhishthir! Papankusha Ekadashi is very important in this case. Yudhishthir said,” O Lord,! What is the procedure to observe this Ekadashi? What are the merits attained by observing this Ekadashi? In which month does it fall?Kindly tell us all.

Lord Shri Krishna said, “O King! This Ekadashi falling in the bright fortnight of Ashwin month and  is known as Papankusha Ekadashi. As it name suggest, This Papankusha Ekadashi is the destroyer of sins and nullifies all sins committed by mistake. One should worship Lord Padamanabha (One who has Lotus originating from his navel:Lord Vishnu). This Ekadashi give the desired wishes to the observer. What merits are obtained by doing long penance in forest, same merits can be attained by just bowing down to the Lord Vishnu sleeping in the cosmic ocean,Ksheersagar.

People who commit sin by mistake and ask for forgiveness bowing down to Lord Vishnu, they do not go the hell. People who go under the aegis of Lord Vishnu, they do not have to suffer the hellish punishment from Yama. The devotees of Shiva who denounce Lord Vishnu and devotees of Lord Vishnu who denounce Lord Shiva, they go to the hell. Therefore the devotees should not consider Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva as separate but think of them as same and respect them in same way.

The merits attained by doing thousands of Vajpeya & Ahswamedh yagna is not even equivalent toe sixteenth part of the Ekadashi, Therefore There is no other fast in world like Ekadashi. There is nothing more pure than than this Ekadashi in all three realms. Papankausha Ekadashi keeps the check on sins and there is no other fast like this which can give equivalent  merit like this.

The merits of Papanakausha Ekadashi is more than the merit earned by bathing in Ganges, Gaya, Kashi, Kurukshetra and Pushkar and donation done in these places. The sins can only remain in body till the time person has not doe the fast of the Ekadashi of Lord Padmanabha. Person attain special boon of Lord Vishnu by doing the vrata & staying awake at night of Papankusha Ekadashi.

The observer gets healthy body, beautiful spouse, begets progeny, wealth and all worldly pleasures he attains the heaven in the end. O Dharamraja! People who observe this Ekadashi , the 10 generations on their mothers, fathers, wife’s and friends  ancestors side are liberated. The observer attains the form of Lord Vishnu of four arms, adorned with Yellow clothes, adorned with jewels & garland they ride the Gaurda and go to the Loka of Lord Vishnu.. O King of Kings Yudhisthir, The observance of this Vrata gives the benefits to generation of the observer. If the person observes  this fast in his childlhood, young age and old age, he is not subjected to bad punishments and begets the great status in his afterlife as well. People who observe this Ashwin shukl Ekadashi fast of Papankusha Ekadashi , they get absolved of all their sins and attain the abode of Lord Hari (Lord Vsihnu ) in the end.

Lord Rama Killed Ravan a day before this Ekadashi. Although Ravan’s nature and acts were like of demon but by birth he was a Brahman. Therefore to absolve the sin of Brahmhatya (sin incurred because of killing a Brahamana), Lord Shri Rama observed this fast, Even Laskhman, Sita and all Monkeies who fought for lord Rama, they also observed this fast and became free from sins.

Whoever donates land,cow,grain,water,sesame,umbrella,gold,shoes,cloth etc, they do not see face the Lord of death, Yamaraj and they attain great merits.Those who spend life without doing any virtuous deeds are like bellows of a blacksmith as they breath but as dead as bellow of black smith. Even the poor should also try to do some donation and earn some merits.Rich people should try to build ponds garden, inn and donate. Such people beget the worldly pleasures and respect.They do not see ye door of Yamaraj. They have long life, wealthy, have great manners, and free from diseases and attain heaven in afterlife.If the devotee takes the oath of Vrata, remembers Lord Vishnu and keeps the fast, and checks his bad deeds and sins, the he surely attain the blessings of Lord Vishnu.

Lord Shri Krishna said,” O Dharmaraj! Now I will tell you a story about this Ekadashi, Listen Carefully.”

Once upon a time in olden days there lived a cruel bird hunter on mountain Vindhyachal. He spent his life in violence,robbery, drinking alcohol and telling lies.When his last time came, Lord of death ,Yamaraj told his messengers to go and tell him about his death a day after. Yama messengers went and told Krodhan about his impending death a day after. The cruel  Kordhan was now afraid of his death and reached the hermitage of Angira Rishi and prayed to him with all his humility. Rishi took pity on him and told him about the method of Lord Vishnu’s worship and the procedure of Ashwin Sukla Ekadashi vrat , falling the next day itself. Thus that great sinner bird hunter Krodhan went to Vishnuloka after observing the Papankusha Ekadashi. The messengers of Yama were stunned seeing this miracle and returned empty handed to Lord Yama.

Lord Shri Krishna said further,”O King!I have answered all your queries,Now what do you want to listen?”

Dharmaraj Yudhishthir said,” Dear Lord! How does one should refrain from sins?”

Lord Shri Krishna said,”Dharmaraj! You have asked a very beautiful question. When a person takes the shelter of Lord Vishnu by his mind-intellect, speech, and deeds,then Lord Vishnu himself take care of the interests of the devoted and protect him. Therefore the sins are not able to take place by such devotee. However even if the sins are still committed then one should observe the fast of Papankusha Ekadashi with right procedure. OKing, the moral of the story is that people who do dharma , they get the happiness and pleasure and those who are sinners they suffer a lot.


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